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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Abundance and Diversity of Halophilic Archaea in Kuwait Tidal Flatsانوار سمير القطان 
2011The Abundance and Diversity of Viruses in Soft Coral Tissueفاتن بسام الحموي 
2015Action of mas Receptor in Experimentally Induced Colitisمريم محمد علي 
2011Activation of TLR7-Dependent Signaling Pathway in Response to Enterovirus InfectionMarwa I.A. Alkhabbaz 
2019An Adaptive Multi-Source Video Streaming on Vehicular Delay-Tolerant NetworksSarah Hamad Alhadlaq 
2017The Ambiguity of Being in Frege’s PhilosophyIbrahim Ali Taher 
2011Amplification of ESR1 Gene in Kuwaiti Breast Cancer Patientsابرار عبدالرضا الحداد 
2019Analysis of Air Pollution in Sabah Alsalem Area Located Between Three Main Roads in KuwaitDanah Al-Shammari 
2018Analysis of Multi-Sectioned Beam VibrationsAbdullah A. Al Ajeel 
2015Analysis of the Efficacy of a Single Screw Extruder to Synthesize di and tri Component Polyester BlendsLulwa Khelaif Al-Mutairi 
2018Analysis on the Efficacy of Parallel Cuckoo Search on CUDAMonzer Khamash 
2017Analytical Study of Thermal Variation Impact on Dynamics of a Spindle Bearing SystemOmar Saleem 
2019Analyzing the Potential of the Solar Photovoltaic Panels on the Roof of Selected Kuwaiti Residential HousesAbdulwahab S. Almazeedi 
2018Anti-apoptotic and Neuroregenerative Effects of Soluble Protein Fraction of the Epidermal Secretion from the Arabian Gulf Catfish following Sciatic Nerve Crush Injury in RatsTaiba Abdullah Al-Arbeed 
2014Antimicrobial Activity of Novel Metalloporphyrin-based Photosensitizersسارة صالح مغنية 
2018Antiviral Gene Expression during Human Coronavirus OC43 InfectioMeshal Samir Beidas 
2017An Application of a Risk/Cost-Based Algorithm for the Routing of Dangerous Goods in Kuwait CityShahad Alojaiman 
2017Application of computational chemisttry in the study of organic reaction mechanismsNabeela H. Aman 
2017The Application of ICT in the Teaching of English as a Second Language to Students in Primary Girls’ Schools in KuwaitAminah Almutairi 
2018Approximate Approaches for Solving the Vehicle Routing Problem with Multiple Time WindowsAmal Mahmoud Matar