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Title: Analysis of Air Pollution in Sabah Alsalem Area Located Between Three Main Roads in Kuwait
Authors: Danah Al-Shammari 
Supervisor: Professor Mohamed Hamoda
Degree Awarded: Degree in: Environmental Sciences
Keywords: Kuwait, Air Pollution, Assessment, Busy Road, OpenAir.
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher:  Kuwait university - college of graduate studies
Abstract: Recent health risk assessment studies have linked high levels of air pollutants to various negative health outcomes. This study aims to quantify the levels of ozone (O3), sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), particulate matter of 10 micrometers or less in diameter (PM10) and carbon monoxide (CO) in 2 areas with different levels of traffic intensity, Sabah Alsalem and Dasman, in the state of Kuwait, from 2012 to 2017. During that period, thousands of hourly data were obtained from KEPA monitoring stations and analyzed in Rstudio, with the openair and corrplot packages and results were compared with international and local environmental authorities. There were 867 O3 readings that exceeded the hourly standards in the heavy traffic area, whereas there were 98 readings that exceed the KEPA standards in the lower traffic area. The main cause of the increasing O3 levels in the Sabah Alsalem area is likely to be the close proximity to the main roads. The emission of vehicles likely impacted the NO2 levels, leading to 7,169 and 1,545 readings above the KEPA standard in Sabah Alsalem and Dasman, respectively. Like SO2 values in Dasman also had 11 readings above KEPA standards, but 23 values were above the KEPA standard in Sabah Alsalem, possibly because of the heavy traffic. PM10 had 1,048 and 2670 values that exceeded the regulation limit in Sabah Alsalem and Dasman, respectively, due to emissions from highways and dust. There were 34 values that exceeded the CO KEPA limit in the Sabah Alsalem area, due to highways, while no exceedances were found in Dasman area. According to the correlation analysis, strong relationships were found between NOX and NO2 in Al-Qurain station and moderate correlations were measured between NO2 and CO in more than one station. Also, O3 had a moderate correlation with both NO2 and CO in Al-Mansouriya station. Based on the USEPA, WHO, British Columbia and Australian Department of Environment, multiple values exceeded the regulatory limits, with a higher number of occurrences in the Sabah Alsalem area for NO2, O3, SO2 and CO, while PM10 had higher number of exceedances in Dasman area. The study resulted in having a noticeable relation between traffic volume and readings of mentioned pollutants.
Appears in Programs:2050 Molecular Biology

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