0612 Computer Engineering الصفحة الرئيسية للمحتوى مشاهدة الإحصاءات

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Program's Items (Sorted by تاريخ الإرسال in نزول order): 1 to 20 of 25
تاريخ الاصدارالعنوانالمؤلف(المؤلفون)
2017Hybrid Multistage Fuzzy Clustering System for Medical Data ClassificationMaryam A. Abdullah 
2018Modeling an Enterprise Information System: A Case Study of IT ServicesYousef Khalid Alduwaisan 
2018Modeling Security as a MachineOmar Ahmed Alsumait 
2018Traffic Light Detection using Deep Learning based Feature FusionYasser Khalil 
2018Date Maturity Status and Classification using Image ProcessingTasneem Abass Najeeb 
2018Analysis on the Efficacy of Parallel Cuckoo Search on CUDAMonzer Khamash 
2018Fingerprint Authentication Based K-net ModelSara Abdul Aziz Al-Awadh 
2018Control of Engineering Plant Processes: Flow-Based Conceptual ModelingAbdulaziz Ibrahim AlQallaf 
2018Bandwidth Quantization for Elastic Optical NetworksShahad Waleed AlEnezi 
2018Optimizing Scheduling Decisions of Container Management Tool based on Many-Objective Genetic AlgorithmMahmoud Imdoukh 
2018Segment Routing in Software Defined NetworksZahra’a Naser Abdullah 
2018DNA Short Read Alignment on Parallel PlatformsMaryam Abdulrahman Al-Jame 
2018Toward a Conceptual Foundation for Service-Process Modeling: Case Study of an IT DepartmentHaya Bader AlAhmad 
2017Energy-Aware Computation Offloading in Wearable ComputingMariam Jawad Safar 
2017Privacy & Deniability in Location BasedNaser Al-Ibrahim 
2017Power Consumption Analysis for Different SRAM CellsSarah Mousa Alnuwaihedh 
2017Homonoia: When your Car Reads your MindAhmad Bennakhi 
2017A Snap-Stabilizing m-wave Algorithm for Tree NetworksAnwar Nais Al-Mutairi 
2017An Energy Effcient integral routing algorithm for software defined networksGhadeer N. Neama 
2017An Implementation of Energy-efficient Routing Algorithms for Software Defined NetworksYousef M. Rafique 
Program's Items (Sorted by تاريخ الإرسال in نزول order): 1 to 20 of 25