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Title: Secure SysML: An Extension to SysML for Modeling System Security Requirements
Other Titles: لغة نمذجة النظم الآمنة: امتداد للغة نمذجة النظم لاستيفاء متطلبات النظم الآمنة
Authors: Sarah Mohammed Al-Mulla 
Keywords: security requirements, security controls, security models, System Modeling Language (SysML)
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher:  Kuwait university - college of graduate studies
Abstract: Security has become increasingly important as more and more systems are connected to the Internet. Incorporating security mechanisms and controls into the system development lifecycle is becoming highly critical. In this thesis, we have introduced a formal approach that focuses on satisfying legitimate user’s security requirements while blocking malicious user’s requirements at system development time. This approach extends the Systems Modeling Language, SysML, to incorporate security controls into every phase of system development, starting from requirements engineering ending with system verification and validation. The established method, Secure SysML, provides additional extensions to several SysML diagrams, namely the Package Diagram, Activity Diagrams, Sequence Diagram, Use Case Diagram, State Machine Diagram, and the Requirements Diagram. The newly defined extensions are specified in terms of diagram extensions and semantic extensions. Diagram extensions could be new graphical nodes or new graphical paths while semantic extensions consist of stereotypes and tagged values. The new defined extensions are put in several examples, and the necessary explanations of their usage are provided with highlighting their importance in achieving the needed level of security.
Appears in Programs:0612 Computer Engineering

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