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Title: Synthesis, C haracterization and Transition Metals Coordination of α− Pyridoin benzylhydrazide Derivatives
Other Titles: تحضیر وتوصیف مشتقات البنزایل ھیدرازاید – ألفا بایریدوین وارتباطھا مع
Authors: Sara Basem Al-Hassani 
Supervisor: Dr. Dhuha AL-Wahaib
Keywords: Chemistry parent compound Synthesis, Characterization metal binding nitrogen atom. Cobalt (III) Transition Metals Coordination α−Pyridoinbenzylhydrazide Derivatives
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher:  Kuwait university - college of graduate studies
Abstract: This thesis describes the synthesis and characterization of α-pyridoin benzylhydrazide compounds [α-Py-BHZ] and the studies of their transition metals coordination. Six α-pyridoinbenzylhydrazide derivatives and their ruthenium (II) and cobalt (III) complexes have been made. NMR, UV-visible spectroscopy, IR spectroscopy, MS, fluorescence spectroscopy, magnetic susceptibility, SEM and X-ray crystallography were used to characterize the synthesized compounds. The results show that [α-Py-BHZ] derivatives are strong-field ligands and act as bidentate and tridentate ligands. Both ruthenium (II) and cobalt (III) bind to the α-pyridoinbenzylhydrazide derivatives through the tertiary amine and the carbonyl oxygen of the benzylhydrazide segment of the molecule, and only cobalt (III) binds to the nitrogen atom of the α-pyridoin segment. Upon metal binding, double bond shift occurs between the carbonyl and the nitrogen atom. Cobalt (III) parent compound used in the synthesis undergoes ligand substitution when reacted with the [α-Py-BHZ] ligands. X-ray and 1H NMR data suggest that [Co (α-Py-BHZ)2]3+ complex has a resonance structure. The ππ* electronic transition of α-pyridoin is blue shifted upon the attachment of the benzylhydrazide derivatives to it. SEM shows that [Ru (bpy)2 α- Py-BHZ-H]2+complex has a needle shape structure and [Co (α-Py-BHZ-OH)2]3+ complex has a flower shape structure. The synthesized compounds are believed to have potential pharmaceutical properties. iv
Appears in Programs:0420 Chemistry (M.Sc.)

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