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Title: Water and Sediment Quality, Geomorphology and Biolithofacies of the Intertidal Flat of Umm Al-Maradim Island in the State of Kuwait
Authors: Thekrayat Saleh Al-Mentafjey 
Supervisor: Prof.Mohammad Al-Sarawi
Keywords: Geomorphology : Biolithofacies
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher:  Kuwait university - college of graduate studies
Abstract: The Southern part of Kuwait marine environments is very unique because it’s characterized by deep water and coral reefs. Umm Al-Maradem island is one of the nine islands of Kuwait which is located in the Southeastern part. It’s composed of coarse sand to very coarse sand mixed with shell fragments around the intertidal flat of Umm Al-Maradem island. Shell lags and reworked shell fragments cover the island sediments due to high wave energy with long shore current at the NorthWest side. The objectives of this study is to construct a map showing the sediments distribution , biolithofacies and geomorphological characteristics of the intertidal flat around the island. Also to delineate an approximate boundaries between the biofacies and the ecosystem. The Macro and Micro organism distribution around the intertidal flat studied Mollusks and Echinoid are the most abundance. Biolithofacies map was constructed with three facies (1) Echinoid cerithiopsis coarse sand, (2) Molluscan sand and (3) Barren sand. In this study fourteen sediment and fifteen water samples were collected around the island from the intertidal flat area. The mean concentration level of physical-chemical parameters of the sea water around the island Temperature (20.82 °C), Hydrogen Exponent (8.68) , Dissolved Oxygen (2.63 mg/L) , Conductivity (51.81) , salinity (34.16 ‰ ), COD (180 mg/L) , BOD (0.851 mg/L) , TOC (1.514%) ,TSS and Trace Metal Cu (0.0013 mg/L), Fe (2.505 mg/L), Pb (0.005 mg/L), Hg (0.5484 mg/L), Mn (0.004 mg/L) and Zn (0.0015 mg/L). The mean concentration of nutrients was NH3 (0.0371 mg/L), NO2 (0.00017 mg/L), NO3 (0.01668 mg/L) and SiO2 (0.3168 mg/L). The sediments samples with mean concentration of TPH (216.785 mg/kg) moderately to heavily polluted, TOC (9050.714 ppm) and TM Cu (1.44 mg/kg), Fe (417.97 mg/kg), Ni (1.30 mg/kg), V (1.95 mg/kg), Mn (13.68 mg/kg) and Zn (3.62 mg/kg). The mean concentration of nutrients was NH3 (2.6219 mg/kg ), NO2 (0.10295 mg/kg), NO3 (0.3698 mg/kg) and SiO2 (8.8588 mg/kg).
Appears in Programs:0460 Geology

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