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Title: Scintigraphic Patterns in Patients with Urinary Stones Using Tc-99m MAG3 Dynamic Renal Imaging and Specialized Computer Analysis
Authors: Aliaa R. AlJasem 
Supervisor: Dr. Issa Loutfi
Keywords: Scintigraphic
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher:  Kuwait university - college of graduate studies
Abstract: Urinary stones are common in Kuwait and Arabian Gulf region with associated complications of loss of renal function and urinary obstruction. 99mTc MAG-3 dynamic renal studies (DRS) have been used for evaluation of renal function and to assess urinary drainage and outflow obstruction by diuretic intervention. The objective was to use 99mTc MAG-3 DRS in patients with urinary stones and to apply specialized software for processing, namely Normalized Residual activity (NORA) and Outflow Efficiency (OE), to provide quantitation of renal output. Archived 99mTc MAG-3 DRS for 50 patients with stones were retrieved and reprocessed. Findings on renal perfusion, function and drainage both without and with Lasix were recorded and cross-tabulated with presence of ipsilateral stones. Also, the data from the NORA and OE software were recorded and compared to more conventionally derived parameters: visual diuretic effect and half-time after Lasix. The results showed that stones were significantly associated with reduced perfusion in 38% of kidneys and function in up to 60%. Also, association with dilated pelvicalyceal systems (PCS) (66%) and abnormal spontaneous drainage in 43% was found. The diuretic response was abnormal in 40% and half-time after Lasix in 36%. The 20-min and Lasix end NORA were 29 & 50% abnormal, respectively. While OE at 20 min and Lasix end were abnormal in 8% & 2% respectively. In conclusion, the findings of 99mTc MAG-3 DRS provided a multifaceted evaluation of the renal physiology that was most relevant to presence of urinary stones and their complications. The application of the specialized software held some promise for improving the overall performance of the procedure in this condition.
Appears in Programs:0555 Nuclear Medicine (M.Sc.)

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