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dc.contributor.authorSalahuddin Abdulzaher Abdulrahmanen_US
dc.description.abstractThis Thesis deals with the synchronization problem of discrete-time chaotic systems. The problem of chaos synchronization is formulated in some popular discrete-time chaotic systems, namely, the 1D logistic map, the 2D chaotic Henon map, the 3D chaotic Henon map, the 3D hyperchaotic Henon-like map and the 4D hyperchaotic Henon map. A robust nonlinear control technique, namely, the discrete-time sliding control technique is investigated and used to develop control schemes for the purpose of synchronization in the previously mentioned discrete-time systems. For the purpose of comparison, other nonlinear control techniques are used to achieve the same purpose as the discrete sliding mode control. The other nonlinear control techniques include backstepping control, nonlinear feedback control, feedback linearization control and state dependent riccati equation control. The stabilizing properties of the designed controllers are proved analytically. Also, computer simulations are performed to validate the controllers theoretically. The designed controllers are used as the base for the design of secure chaos-based communication systems. Three different chaos-based communication schemes are designed based on the 2D chaotic Henon map, 3D chaotic Henon map and the 4D hyperchaotic Henon map. The discrete sliding mode control technique is used in the development of control techniques to achieve chaos synchronization in two different electrical motors that exhibit chaotic behavior, namely, induction motor and synchronous reluctance motor. Also nonlinear feedback control technique is used for the same purpose. The stability of all the control designs are proved analytically and validated theoretically by computer simulations. In addition, comparison between the proposed control schemes is made and simulation studies are presented to show that the proposed control schemes are robust.en_US
dc.publisher Kuwait university - college of graduate studiesen_US
dc.titleSynchronization of Discrete-time Chaotic Systems withen_US
dc.contributor.supervisorProf. Mohammed Zribien_US
dc.description.conclusionsthe discrete sliding mode control technique is used to design robust synchronization control laws for synchronous reluctance motors. The objective of the controllers is to force the state vector y(k) of the slave system to track the state vector x(k) of the synchronous system. The proposed control laws are then applied to switched reluctance motors and its performance is simulated. The simulation results show the convergence of the errors to zero which validates the proposed control design. Moreover, the simulation studies indicate that the proposed scheme is robust to parameters mismatch. In addition, another nonlinear feedback controller is designed for the purpose of synchronization and its performance is simulated. A comparison between the designed controllers is demonstrated.en_US
dc.contributor.cosupervisorProf. Nejib Smaouien_US
Appears in Programs:0610 Electrical Engineering
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