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Title: Expression Profiling of PDX1, NGN3 and MAFA in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rats Treated with Garlic Extract
Authors: Anood N. Z. Al-Otaibi 
Supervisor: Dr. Suzanne Al-Bustan
Keywords: Streptozotocin
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher:  Kuwait university - college of graduate studies
Abstract: Several studies have suggested Allium sativum (garlic) for the treatment of diabetes mellitus. In this study, the effect of garlic extract on variation of gene expression in diabetic rats was investigated by real-time PCR in the pancreas and liver. Three transcription factors were chosen (PDX1, NGN3 and MAFA) based on their biological role in pancreas development and β cells differentiation as well as their role in the regulation of the insulin gene. Forty-eight Sprague Dawley male rats were divided into type 1 STZ-induced diabetic (DM) group (n= 24) and nondiabetic (ND) group (n=24). Both STZ-DM and ND groups were further sub-divided into, those (n=12) treated with garlic extract (500 mg / kg BW) and those (n=12) given 0.9% saline for 1 week (n=4), 4 weeks (n=4) and 8 weeks (n=4). In the pancreas, there was a unified significant pattern of expression of the three genes in which the highest levels were observed by week 1 and dropped significantly by week 8 in garlic treated STZ-DM rats. PDX1 expression was higher (90%) (p≤0.05) (n= 4) in garlic treated STZ-DM rats compared to saline treated STZ-DM rats (n= 4) at week 1 but garlic treated STZ-DM rats later decreased (p≤0.05) from 1.90 fold-change at week 1 (n= 4) to 1.07 fold-change at week 8 (n= 4). NGN3 expression in STZ-DM rats treated with garlic extract at week 1 was higher (581%) (p≤0.01) than the control rats (n= 4). However by week 8, garlic treated STZ-DM rats expressed less NGN3 (from 6.81 fold-change at week 1(n= 4) to 4.72 fold-change at week 8 (n= 4)). STZ-DM rats treated with garlic extract were expressing significant (p≤0.001) high levels of MAFA at week 1 (53.20 fold-change) (n= 4) when compared with their saline control (1.00 fold-change) (n= 4) but at week 8 this difference was no longer present due to a significant (p≤0.001) drop in the expression of MAFA. In the liver, no significant effect of the garlic extract was observed on the expression levels of NGN3 and PDX1. However MAFA increased its expression in garlic treated STZ-DM rats by week 8 (35%) (p≤0.05). The effect of the garlic extract on the expression of PDX1, NGN3 and MAFA was demonstrated in the pancreas but not in the liver. This effect may reflect the speed in differentiating pancreatic progenitor cells into β cells or in triggering the insulin gene to over express itself in the remaining mature β cells after the STZ-treatment.
Appears in Programs:2050 Molecular Biology

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