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Title: Privacy & Deniability in Location Based
Authors: Naser Al-Ibrahim 
Supervisor: Prof. Tassos Dimitriou
Keywords: Privacy : Deniability
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher:  Kuwait university - college of graduate studies
Abstract: Processing power, embedded sensors, storage capacities and network data rates have been improving drastically in recent years. Mobile phones have progressed as well to become full-fledged communication and sensing devices. These advances have resulted in the creation of a new paradigm for achieving large-scale sensing which is known as participatory sensing. The primary focus of participatory sensing applications is towards the collection of data on a larger scale. However, without appropriate countermeasures, the use of such applications may lead to violation of user’s privacy. In this study, we are interested in applications that use services based on a user’s geographical location. Such applications are typically called Location Based Services (LBS) and allow users to connect with others and query for their whereabouts. Finding a friend on a map, receiving an alert while approaching a traffic accident, receiving directions to a point of interest are typical examples of such applications. However, the proliferation of LBS systems may undermine user privacy since the frequent collection of location data may reveal considerable information about an individual’s daily habits and profile. The challenge therefore is to develop effective security schemes that allow the use of these services in a way that protects users from being associated with a particular location. Within this work, we present our Deniable-LBS scheme which gives users the ability to deny being in a particular location even if this location has been monitored by an internal or external party. We discuss the deniability and security properties offered by our solution and perform an evaluation of the system in realistic deployment settings. To the best of our knowledge this is the first work that applies deniability in the LBS setting.
Appears in Programs:0612 Computer Engineering

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