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Title: Marina’s Flushing, Pollution, and Characteristics in the State of Kuwait
Authors: Maram A. Alkhaldi 
Supervisor: Dr. Mohamad Alkhalidi
Keywords: Flushing, Pollution
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher:  Kuwait university - college of graduate studies
Abstract: This study is aiming to evaluate the environmental status of marinas along Kuwait’s coastline and propose strategic plan to improve their flushing system. Tidal flushing behavior and water quality of several marinas were studied through historical records and numerical investigations. The water quality of the marinas' basins was assessed based on recorded data obtained from eMISK buoys (St-buoys) near the basins sites. MIKE 3 FM hydrodynamic and transport numerical models by Danish Hydraulic Institute (DHI) was utilized to represent the current water quality status. The effect of metrological conditions and the flushing rate were included in the numerical model. The basins were assumed to be fully polluted with conservative pollutants of different dispersion coefficients and simulated numerically to estimate the residence time of pollutants. The marinas were categorized based on the renewal time, and their environmental status considering different parameters such as layout, water depth, and the hydrodynamic and metrological conditions. Five levels of categorizations were presented based on water quality and the self-flushing ability; 1) Excellent, 2) Very good, 3) good, 4) accepted, and 5) poor. On the other hand, numeral equations with different coefficients were concluded for best and worst marinas in order to represent the relationship between pollutants behavior, pollutants dispersion ability and marinas properties. All results show that marinas with sufficient exchange are less contaminated than others with poor flushing rates. In addition, the study provides a guideline for future ports and marinas projects in terms of their layout, depth, and their location, and provide recommendations to improve the environmental policies and the design criteria for marinas in the State of Kuwait.
Appears in Programs:0620 Civil Engineering

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