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Title: Studying the effect of Distributed and Discrete Defects Associated with Ball Bearings on the Vibration of Grinding Machine Spindle System
Authors: Ghanim Aldaihani 
Supervisor: Dr. Mohammed Alfares
Keywords: Ball Bearings : Machine Spindle
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher:  Kuwait university - college of graduate studies
Abstract: This thesis presents a theoretical approach by which to investigate the impact of ball bearing defects on a grinding machine’s spindle dynamics and vibration behavior. A theoretical model with five degrees of freedom that represents the spindle-bearing system was developed. The analytical model was then used to simulate and predict the effect of two types of bearing defects, namely distributed defects as represented by surface waviness on both races and ball surface, and a localized defect as represented by a pit on both races and ball surface. The impact of the distributed and localized defects on the vibration of the grinding machine’s spindle was studied at two locations: the center of mass of the system and the grinding wheel edge. The results of a defectfree bearing, waviness, and a localized defect (i.e. pit) on the raceways and ball surface were presented in both the time and frequency domains. With a defect-free bearing, the vibration peaks at ball passage frequency (BPF) and its super harmonics. With a bearing characterized by waviness on the outer race of the order and 1, a vibration with a frequency of was generated. In the case of waviness on the inner race of the order and 1, a vibration with a frequency of and , respectively, was generated. Waviness on the ball of order 2 generated a vibration with a frequency of 2 The vibration frequencies due to the localized defects were mainly comprised of outer race ball passage frequency (BPFO) and its harmonics for the outer race defect, and inner race ball passage frequency (BPFI) and a combination of BPFI and the harmonics of for the inner race defect. In terms of ball surface defects, the vibration frequencies at the ball spin frequency and its harmonics were observed. All results obtained in this thesis are in close agreement with the results of prior studies.
Appears in Programs:0630 Mechanical Engineering

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