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Title: Future of Water Consumption in Kuwait
Authors: Ahmad Mesaad Alenezi 
Supervisor: Prof. Mohamed F. Hamoda
Keywords: Water Consumption : Future
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher:  Kuwait university - college of graduate studies
Abstract: Water is considered a scarce resource in numerous regions of the world. Increased water consumption or poor water conservation strategies have shown adverse socioeconomic impacts in different countries. This research studied trends in water consumption in Kuwait and the techniques that are currently used for water conservation on a national level. The research investigated the impact of water conservation on water consumption level in Kuwait. Data was collected on fresh (potable) water consumption for the period 2000 to 2017, analyzed and graphically represented. The trend analysis was based on statistical analysis on the collected data. The average per capita water consumption in different districts of Kuwait was found to be 380 L/c/d and is expected to decrease to 280 L/c/d by the year of 2030. The research findings revealed that despite continuous increase in Kuwait’s population from 2000 to 2017, the Water and Electricity Ministry has been able to reduce the water consumption by adopting water conservation policies (“Kuwait Water Consumption Project”). Water conservation strategies included distribution of water efficient tools, such as water taps and shower caps. Also, the Project shows the possibility of covering its total costs within a period of only one month (30 days) in the form of savings generated from reducing water consumption. It is mandatory for the government of Kuwait to reduce its water consumption levels through micromanagement of its water resources. Also, water conservation techniques are equally useful but the first step is to continuously reduce individuals water usage. Keeping in view the findings of this study, the recommendations are to increase regulations to control water consumption; promote information campaigns for increasing the awareness of water conservation; and emphasizing importance of water conservation through hosting activities and events regarding increased water consumption in Kuwait.
Appears in Programs:2040 Environmental Sciences

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