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Title: Nonlinear Controllers for a Wind Energy Conversion System Using a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator
Authors: Eman Juma Hussain 
Supervisor: Prof. Mohamed Zribi
Degree Awarded: Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering
Keywords: Wind energy conversion systems : Permanent magnet synchronous generator : Sliding mode control : Feedback linearization control : SDRE controller
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher:  Kuwait university - college of graduate studies
Abstract: In recent years, the trend in the energy sector has been to use renewable energy sources to avoid further damage and negative impacts on the environment. Among renewable technologies, wind energy is one of the renewable energy technologies that has been gaining popularity. This thesis concentrates on the use of nonlinear controllers for a wind energy conversion (WEC) system using a permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG). The thesis presents an aggregated dynamic model based on a gearbox with atwo-mass drivetrain connectedto a PMSG.In developingthe windturbine model, each part of the wind turbine system is examined to define relevant behaviors that significantly influence the WEC system response. Three types of controllers are then designed to achieve maximum power output. The designed controllers comprise a feedback linearization controller, a state-dependent riccati equation (SDRE) controller and a sliding mode control (SMC). These controllers guarantee that all the states of the wind energy system track their desired values. The responses of the closed-loop system are simulated using the MATLAB software. The simulation results show that each of the designed controllers grasps maximum power output with different wind speeds. Moreover, other simulation results are presented to study the robustness of the proposed control schemes by changing some of the parameters in the model of the WEC system. A comparison of theperformancesofthecontrolledsystemusingthedesignedcontrollersisalsopresented.
Appears in Programs:0610 Electrical Engineering

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